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Assured Integrity Cyber Solutions believes in growth and building connections with people and organizations that share a commitment to uphold the “mission” of our customers with integrity.  Providing top-tier products and services as scheduled is our mission, we welcome partnerships that will support this objective.

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Assured Integrity believes in the ability for both minority and women entrepreneurs to compete on a level playing field. Founded and operated by a minority woman, we welcome talent that supports this belief and will uphold principles to ensure that representation is a possibility for all our employees.

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Assured Integrity provides technology solutions that are trusted and customized to ensure the success of our customers mission remains the priority.

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Join Us! At Assured Integrity we are always looking for talented professionals who exhibit a genuine sense of service with a desire to learn and grow.

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A team of innovative thinkers who believe in our ability to deliver the desired outcome while operating with integrity and trust.

We are a highly skilled team comprised of diverse professionals who are committed to excellence.  Our team provides services to support operational resilience and long-term solutions for our customers most vital missions.


To Aid in Your Success.

To ensure the timely delivery of high-quality cybersecurity solutions that provide our customers with both effective and sustainable resources.

We apply the latest in risk management, cyber security and information assurance strategy to support our clientele from start to finish.


Placing value in our people enables our company to provide a superior level of service to all customers.

No matter the role one person plays in the organization, we are all committed to working together to provide excellent service and achievement.


We place value in the people that uphold our mission with integrity and pride.  Cybersecurity and Information Assurance are key components of any reputable risk management program.  At Assured Integrity, we believe that security is “baked in” from the initial concept stage to the implementation of any solution.

Based in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, we have continuing experience with supporting large-scale programs for which we are devoted to providing a superior level of service.  Assured Integrity’s leadership staff has experience supporting multiple agencies that fall under the DOD and DOJ.  We provide services including but not limited to Information Risk and Assurance, Cyber Security, Information Technology and Business Analytics.  Our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers and the success of various missions that they support.


Assured Integrity Cyber Solutions provides a multitude of professional services to support agencies in the cyber arena.  The following areas represent the scope of our talent resources:

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One of the most vital aspects of any security program is its ability to ensure that the organization’s information is safeguarded.  Assured Integrity develops solutions that address the risk analysis, strategy, implementation, and sustainment support for computer-based information systems.  Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who hold industry-wide respected certifications and graduate-level degrees.  We are experienced with operating under federal guidelines and requirements to provide support with all aspects of risk management.  Our experience enables our ability to support our customers in the continuous effort to secure their critical infrastructure.


Threats to our nation’s security is an inevitable reality and being successful in this market requires constant adaptation to an ever-changing threat.  Assured Integrity has the situational awareness to assess the risks of the cyber landscape and how it can impact our customers.  Our cyber security team consists of subject matter experts that have extensive experience with the analysis of data, information, and security solutions.  We understand the realities for the market that we serve, as a solution our company provides support for business continuity and insider threat training and response in the event of a worst-case scenario.  At Assured Integrity, we understand that cyber is not just strings of code but an entire infrastructure that supports the protection of lives and national security.


Assured Integrity takes every aspect of doing business seriously.  Our program management resources are on stand-by to assist our customers with the support they require with designing, implementing, and maintaining solutions to support continued business growth.  Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Project oversight and consistent briefings with stakeholders to maintain transparency.
  • Program integration to support an improved workflow and the success of the project.
  • Project oversight and management; focused on the measurement of program performance and use of resources.
  • Project analytics that support the identification repeatable processes that can be applied in multiple scenarios for efficiency.

Briefings to all stakeholders that include consistent reporting to ensure that the project remains in a productive state.

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